Q: When did we land on the moon?

A: The United States' Apollo 11 was the first crewed mission to land on the Moon on July 20th, 1969.

Q: Have we landed on any planets?

A: Human's have not walked on any planets. It may sound kind of sad at first, but these type of missions take a lot of time to plan, develop, and execute correctly. NASA is planning a manned mission to Mars sometimes during the 2030’s, but that’s about it that is planned for the next 20 years.

Q: Did people go to the moon a second time?

A: Yes, The United States has sent six crewed missions to the moon

Q: How many people went to the moon?

A: 12 Astronauts have landed on the moon. All men and no one has been twice.

Q: How do the myth buster's know a little set on earth is going to be the same?

A: That is a good question. Through exploration of the moon we have been able to learn information about the properties of the moon. So long as the replicated set contains these same properties as the moon you can apply the results to the realistic moon. This is done a lot in science experiments, especially by engineers, they make a small scale model to test.

Q: Why don't the myth buster's actually go on the moon?

A: Well, cost stopped them. The Apollo program cost $25 billion — but that was in 1960s dollars.

Q: What is atmospheric pressure?

A: The simplest answer, this is the force of the air pushing down on the surface of Earth. This is also called barometric pressure. The changes in pressure have a direct impact on wind and storm patterns.

Q: What is a photon?

A: Photons are the basis of light(the smallest element of light). They have a unique property in that they are both a particle and a wave. 

Q: Why is there a low gravitational pull on the moon?

A: Gravity is directly related to the size of the object. Since the Moon is smaller than the Earth the gravitation pull on is this less or weaker.

Q:How were the craters made on the moon?

A: Craters are formed when an asteroid or comet collided with the Moon's surface.

Q:Did they feel happy when they concluded the moon landing was real? 

A: I don't know for sure but....they sounded happy to me!

Q:Why did the put on the weights during the moon walk plane flight? 

A: They did not have an actual space suit. An actual space suit is much heavier then the suit he was waering so they added the weights.